Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

We slept in this morning.  I was actually the first one up and had almost an hour to myself before Robert got up.  We had breakfast together and then I brought him to Child Time.  Ryan was up when I got back.  We lazed around for the rest of the morning and did computer stuff before heading to the Legion on the Harley.  The American Legion Riders did a MLK Day ride.  There were about 16 bikes and 20 or so riders.  We drove around Sierra Vista for a bit before heading out to Tombstone.  We stopped at the Tombstone Legion post for a little while and then headed to lunch.  The place we had wanted to go for lunch didn’t work out – their kitchen wouldn’t open for another 2 hours.  So we went to Big Nose Kate’s.  The day was a lot of fun.

Once we got home, I started undecorating the Christmas tree and Ryan went to get Robert on the bike.  Robert helped me undecorate when he got home.  We got it all done, and Ryan took the tree apart and put it in our new Christmas tree bag (which is WAY too big – I guess we need to find a smaller size next year).  We even got the box of decorations and the tree back into storage out in the shed.  After that was done, I made Robert a pb & j for supper (we were still full from our late lunch)  and I got the dishwasher unloaded.  Then we finally finished folding the laundry.  It sure felt good to finally sit and relax and I got a little bit of stitching done.  Off to bed now – back to PT and work tomorrow.

Today’s high:  75 (could possibly be a new record high!)
Current:  58

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