So it’s been another week

Monday – PT was sets of pushups and situps followed by a little over a 2 mile run.  Then the rest of the day at work was spent doing admin stuff.  I crocheted at lunch.

Tuesday – We took accountability at PT in the morning and then released the girls as we had a PT test scheduled for the next morning.  But I was feeling really miserable and I called and made a sick call appointment.  After formation, I took care of a few things and then headed home.  My MPT leader sent me home until my appointment time.  I kind of just relaxed and played on my computer before heading back for my afternoon appointment.  It was just REALLY bad allergies, but because of all the mucus and stuff, my doc was worried that it could easily turn into a bacterial something.  My left ear was about 50% plugged and my right ear about 75%.  She sent me to the lab for blood work to make sure it wasn’t anything bacterial (it turned out it wasn’t) and after the lab, I went to the pharmacy to get my drugs.  One of them was one pill that had the equivalent of 4 sudafed plus some other stuff.  Once home, I took my meds and ended up napping for a while.  I had already asked K if she would pick Robert up from Child Time so I wouldn’t have to be sick around all the kids and in case I was sleeping (which I was).  Robert always likes when she picks him up, so that wasn’t a problem.  Ryan doesn’t get done with class until 6, so that was the other reason I had K pick Robert up.  I did a little bit of crocheting in the evening, but I went to bed pretty early, despite the nap.

Wednesday – I was home all day since my doc put my on quarters for 48 hours.  Ryan let me sleep and he got Robert up and to school.  I woke up a little before he left for class.  I spent the day trying to drink water, being drugged up, and I took 2 naps.  I did get some crocheting done in between naps.  I was in bed fairly early again, but feeling much better.

Thursday – Back to work, and in a little early for a "mandatory briefing."  Well, it turned out to be a motivational speaker, Dr. Ron Archer.  He was an amazing speaker and his life story is just awesome.  You can read more about him at his website.  It was definitely a great way to start the day!  After a quick trip home to get a few things I had forgotten, it was off to the admin office.  I gathered up what needed to go to my higher-up and I headed over there.  I did some crocheting at lunch and then we had an early release before the 4-day weekend.  Early release is always a nice thing!  K and I went for a 4.16 mile run.  It was going to be closer to 6, but we cut it short at Child Time (instead of going almost home and then back to Child Time).  We picked Robert up and walked home with him.  He enjoyed that!

Friday – No work today thanks to the MLK holiday weekend.  I love being in the Army and getting 4 day weekends for every holiday!  After walking Robert to school, I just relaxed and played on my computer.  Around noon, Ryan and I headed out on the Harley and went to post so I could get my Army Service Uniform sizes.  Then we headed out to Bisbee for lunch at the Bisbee Grille.  It was a great ride and good time together.  Once home, we got Robert and had a nice relaxing evening.

Saturday  We had a very productive day.  I started off the morning with a 9.49 mile run with K.  It took us 1:56:30 – almost 45 seconds per mile slower than I was hoping for, but not a bad run despite it being slow.  Once home and showered and breakfasted, we headed outside and got all the Christmas decorations down AND put back into storage and we got more cleaning/organizing done in the garage.  Ryan took us to Burger King for dinner so that I didn’t have to cook.  I got some cross stitching done in the evening.

Sunday –   This morning we got to sleep in some.  Of course, I was still up by about 0815.  I had to be at church at 1030 for choir warm-ups and it was a really fun anthem this morning!  After church, we headed out to post for lunch at Jeannie’s Diner!!  It’s finally open again after being remodeled.  Same great food and prices, but lots nicer inside.  After lunch, we went to the PX for a little while and then to the commissary for a few groceries for the week.  We stopped at home quick so I could put the groceries away and then we went to Best Buy and Big Lots for a few other things we needed.  When we got home, I got most of the rest of my Christmas presents put away and we ended up going to KFC for dinner after I made my weekly phone call home to Mom & Dad.  After we got home and I got Robert to bed, I got some stitching done.

Today’s high:  69
Current:  53

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