Back to work and a great week of running!

Monday – I was still off on Monday and I got some stuff done around the house while Ryan went to Tucson for his weekly appointment.  I ran 5.36 miles in 58:09 (10:52 pace) and that was a good start to what would become a great week of running!  Robert went back to school and it was nice having some "me time".

Tuesday –  Back to work.  It really wasn’t as crazy in admin as I expected it to be.  It was almost slow.  I only had about a dozen or so e-mails in my in-box, and some of those were post related events that were in the past.  It was nice seeing all my friends again and hearing about everyone’s time of leave and with family.  I also started back leading Postpartum PT this morning.  We had a fun workout – we went around the circle and introduced ourselves – who we were, what unit we were with, how many years we’ve been in the Army (pushups or situps for the number), our children and their ages (more pushups or situps for the total of the ages), and something noteworthy that included a number (more exercising).  We alternated pushups and situps and probably did well over 150 of each.  But it was a lot of fun.  Then we ran on the track for the last 20 minutes.  I was able to complete 2.03 miles in 20:31 (10:07 pace).

Wednesday –   For PT we did 3 sets of pushups and situps for a total of 50 each and then we went for a 2.23 mile run.  It took me 24:40 (11:03 pace).  I spent the day sneezing and blowing my nose.  I had been about 3 weeks without my allergy shots and I was miserable (I got one on Tuesday).  I did get some stuff done in admin between kleenexes.  Well before the end of the day I had decided that I wouldn’t be running 4-5 miles after work and that choir practice probably wasn’t going to happen.  After we picked Robert up from Child Time, we went to McDonald’s for supper since I didn’t feel like cooking.

Thursday –   No Postpartum PT on Thursdays, so I got to sleep in a little bit and have my turn to walk Robert to school.  That’s always nice!  I was actually very productive at work today and even did some stuff that I normally do on Mondays.  Of course, now I don’t have to do it on Monday so I don’t know what I’ll do.  

Friday – Friday is our "long run" day for postpartum PT.  We went to Reservoir Hill and ran down the hill, back up, and a lap around the parking lot three times.  Once K and I were done (she’s helping me out with postpartum PT!), we took extra laps around the parking lot for extra mileage while the others finished.  We ran 2.92 miles in 34:39 (11:53 pace).  Back at the end of November, this hill was getting easy for me.  Not so much today.  Work wasn’t bad.  It was a civies day, so no uniform and that’s always nice.  And it was a half day, so that was nice too!  I met Ryan for lunch at our local Mexican restaurant and then after lunch we went for a bike ride!  It was a beautiful day for it.  After dinner and some stitching time, K and I went for a night run – we left about 2100 and went 5.34 miles in 1:00:04 (11:14 pace).  It was a nice calm evening and an awesome run – the first of 3 runs in a split 13-mile long run.  All part of training for the Ragnar Relay – Del Sol which is the end of February.

Saturday – I was out the door about 0815 for another 5.13 mile run.  It took me 59:11 (11:33 pace).   My legs were definitely a little tired from the 2 runs yesterday, but I need to get used to it for the relay.  I’ll be running 3 legs totaling just over 18 miles over the course of probably 30 or so hours.  After I got back from my run, I headed to the grocery store for a few things that Ryan needed for breakfast-making and a few things for dinner.  Ryan cooked scrambled eggs, sausage, and hashbrowns, and I toasted English muffins for a very yummy breakfast.  K joined us, and we always enjoy having her over.  In the afternoon we watched football and just relaxed around the house.  Then K and I headed back out about 1500 for another 3.63 mile run!!  It took us 40:02 (11:02 pace).  We were both kind of tired and it was windy as well.  But it was still a really good run – and you never know what kind of conditions you’ll have come race day, so you just train in whatever there is.  Ryan grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner and we had baked beans and coleslaw with them.  K joined us again and we had a great ending to our day.  My total running mileage for the week??  26.64 miles!!!  I know that’s not much compared to my one friend who ran 97 miles this week, but it’s good for me!!  It’s my third highest mileage week since 2007 when I was training for the NYC Marathon.

Sunday – I slept GOOD last night.  And long.  I didn’t make it up for the 0800 church service, but we all went to the 1100 service.  I sightread the choir anthem (they also sang at the 0800 service since it was a Festival Sunday).  It wasn’t all that difficult.  Ryan read the lessons.  And Robert provided his usual amount of giggles to the choir during the Children’s Sermon.  He’s always just so cute up there, and the things he says.  After church we went to lunch at Quiznos and then did a little bit of grocery shopping before heading home to watch the Green Bay Packers beat the Eagles!!!  What a great game!  I also got laundry done and some stitching.  After I called Mom and Dad, we had the roast and potatoes that I had put in the crock pot this morning before church.  It was really good.  Off to bed now.  Tomorrow begins another week.

Today’s high:  57
Current:  44