Locks of Love Donation

Yesterday was kind of a do-nothing day.  Which is fine with me since I’m on vacation.  I played on my computer and did a whole bunch of crocheting on Christmas presents.  We got to visit with Grandma for a little while at our house and it was nice seeing her.  We had Advent service at church in the evening and it was a really nice, short service for the last Wednesday of Advent.  Then it was home and we had sauna and boy was that nice!!  I sure miss having sauna all the time.

This morning I was up a little earlier than yesterday and after some computer time, Mom and I headed to town for a Mom & Me shopping trip.  Ryan and Robert went out on their own.  Mom and I went all kinds of places doing all kinds of last minute Christmas shopping, and boy was town a crazy mess.  I think everyone was out and about today – craziness.  And stupid drivers.  And shortages of open checkouts (except at the grocery store).  The grocery store was kind of nice, even though there were TONS of people there.  They had EVERY checkout lane open and they had an employee going around offering free cans of pop (Coke or Diet Coke) to the customers waiting in line.  Mom and I had planned on going to lunch, but we ran out of time as we had to get back to Gwinn for my haircut appointment, which we were late to, but we called and let them know.  My appointment was for my Locks of Love donation cut.  It ended up being about 16" of hair instead of the about 12" I wanted, but it’s all good.  It will grow back and it’s for a good cause.  See pics below. . .  Once we were home, Mom and I got all the groceries and other purchases inside, and I got presents wrapped.  Then it was lasagna for dinner and more crocheting.

Today’s high:  26
Current: 25





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