Three LONG days of travel

Sunday morning we were on the road by 0630 and stopped at a little donut shop for donuts for breakfast on the road.  We drove through New Mexico and into Colorado and ended up in Colorado Springs for the evening.  We had really nice weather for driving and even sat outside when we stopped for lunch at McDonald’s in New Mexico!  Our hotel was really nice, but we had to pay for parking and it was not wireless internet.  I hit the fitness center for 3 miles on the dreadmill while the guys went and played in the pool.  It was a good way to unwind from the day of sitting in the van.

Monday morning, we were again on the road by about 0630 and we headed east.  Once again, we had beautiful traveling weather and a VERY long day.  We ended up in Cedar Rapids, IA, for the evening, at another really nice hotel.  But this one had free parking AND wireless internet.  We got in quite late, so we just got Robert to bed and did computer stuff and went to bed ourselves.

This morning the guys slept in some, but I was still up early and I got 4.37 miles in on the dreadmill in the fitness center before waking the guys up.  It was our shortest travel day, but awful weather and roads most of the way.  Ryan did a great job driving, despite the conditions.  At one point, though, we followed a car that was going about 30.  Yes, the roads were bad, but no where near THAT bad.  Come on people – it snows and is slippery every winter.  Why must you forget how to drive?  It was really nice finally pulling into Mom & Dad’s driveway and getting the van unloaded.  And of course, it’s always good to be home with family, especially for Christmas!  

I got close to 20 hours of crocheting done in the car on the way here – finished 2 Christmas presents and made a good dent on a third.  Lots more crocheting to do before Christmas, though.

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