Camouflage and Holiday Lights

Today was concert day.  I ended up sleeping in and missing my scheduled run with K.  But it all worked out as she didn’t sleep well and texted me at 0530 to let me know that she wasn’t going to go run.  She gave me a ride to concert set up/rehearsal, but she came over early and we exchanged gifts.  I had crocheted a scarf for her and she gave us a coupon for "Unlimited Robbie Sitting" and a gift card to the local movie theater.  She’s such an awesome friend!!!  Then we headed to the Performing Arts Center where our concert was going to be and helped with set up, decorating, program stuffing, and then we had sound check and a complete run through of the concert.  Ryan came and picked me up as K was staying to help decorate a little more after.  Once home, I got everything finished packed and ready to go out to the car.  We had dinner and then I got into uniform and we headed back for the concert.  Our theme was Camouflage and Holiday Lights and the concert went really well.  There were several hundred in attendance and it was a lot of fun.  Once we got home from the concert, we got the van loaded and in the morning all we have to add is toiletries, computers, and a few other last minute things.  I did some crocheting and now I’m heading to bed.

Today’s high:  64
Current:  48

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