The final week!!

Ok, so it’s been a week again.  Oops!  Monday we had the day off from work and I went with Ryan to Tucson for his appointment at the VA.  It’s always nice getting to talk to his care team.  After we got back from Tucson and picked Robert up from Child Time, he got some big brother practice as we had to pick up baby G as well (we’re authorized pick up people for her) since her mom and dad (H and B) were not able to pick her up in time.  We went to Target to get a few things, and the cashier congratulated us on our new addition.  LOL  You should have seen the look on her face when we said we were just babysitting. 

Tuesday was a weigh in for me in the morning – I’m well under my table weight (the weight the Army says I have to be under or I get taped for body fat percentage).  Then the rest of the day was admin work in the morning and holiday concert rehearsal in the afternoon.  Then it was home for crocheting.

Wednesday morning was a record PT test for me.  I did 46 pushups (100%), 76 situps (100%), and ran my 2 miles in 17:06 (92%).  My total score of 292 was my best PT test ever!!!  And I did more situps AND scored higher than anyone else taking the test that morning.  The rest of the day at work was pretty easy.  An award presentation at morning formation, holiday concert rehearsal, 2 reenlistments, crocheting at lunch, and then another award presentation after lunch.  Then I headed out and got my allergy shots and then headed to the church for the funeral of the choir member that passed away over the weekend.  It was a pretty tough service for the choir to sing at, but we made it through.  They did laugh at me a little bit – with my combat boots peeking out from under my choir robe.  I didn’t have time to change before, so I just went in uniform.  After the service was done, I headed home and got some stuff done around the house. 

Thursday was our dress rehearsal for the concert.  It was at the theater on post, even though that’s not where the concert is going to be held.  We went through the whole program twice and then were pretty much done for the day.  Ryan was shopping at the PX, so I just went home with him (K had given me a ride in the morning).  Ryan and I got Robert’s presents wrapped before we went and picked him up from school.  We headed back to post so they could both get haircuts and then it was home for family gift wrapping time.  Robert enjoyed helping wrap presents that are from him.  And I got more crocheting done.

Today was Robert’s holiday program at school, so I went to work late so I could go to the program.  I videoed the 1st graders singing their 3 songs and reciting "Twas the Night Before Christmas".  It was a really good program.  After the program was done, I headed to work and got there just in time for safety briefing, holiday concert briefing, and leave procedures briefing.  I did have a little bit of admin stuff to do, so I got that taken care of before heading home for the day.  Once home and changed, Ryan and I headed out for errands and a manicure & pedicure for me.  I think we’re about done with Christmas shopping now.  After errands were done, we came home for a while and I got some laundry done.  Then we picked Robert up from Child Time and headed to Walmart for cat litter and cat food and we decided to eat at McDonald’s while we were out.  Once we were home, I got laundry finished, more presents wrapped, laundry folded and packing started.  A came over to see where the cat food and stuff is and get a key to the house.  She’ll be watching the cats while we’re gone.  I did get some crocheting done this evening as well.

Today’s high:  60
Current:  45