Cantata Twice and a Clean Van

This morning the choir did our cantata at both the 0800 and 1100 services at church.  Ryan and Robert came to the early service, as did my friend K!  After the first service, we went to a few different auto parts stores to get the new studs we needed and then headed home.  Ryan started working on the van and when it was time for me to go back for the second service, I just walked back to the church, since it’s a whole 1/4 mile away.  The cantata went really well at both services and the congregation really enjoyed it.  After the service, I was walking home and the guys were heading out to go to yet another auto parts store so they stopped and picked me up.  We ended up at the auto parts store, Lowe’s, and then we tried a new restaurant for lunch – My Big Fat Greek Restaurant.  It was really good food!  Then we headed home and got the van finished up.  Ryan had put new studs on one side of the van while I was at church the second time and then I was able to help him with the second side.  After we were done with the studs, we cleaned out the van!  We got rid of all the papers, Robert cleaned up his toys, and we even dragged the vacuum outside and vacuumed the van!  It sure looks a ton better.  After some relaxing and my weekly phone call home, we went to Coldstone for ice cream.  K came with us – after she helped jump the van.  Yup – our battery died from having all the doors open for so long this afternoon and one of the lights inside got left on after we went inside.  Thank goodness for friends like K!!

Today’s high:  70
Current:  50

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