Days 11-12 and the start of a WEEKEND!!

Day 11, Thursday – It was a normal day!  We had holiday concert rehearsal in the morning and did some admin work, including a trip over to Finance in the afternoon.

Day 12, Friday – Half day!!  We had a full holiday concert rehearsal in the morning and then I did some admin work.  I went to Korean for lunch with K and B and that was a lot of fun.  Then it was home and thus ends the 12 day work week!  We brought the van to Discount Tire for our 1600 appointment for rotation and balance, but we ended up with 2 new tires as well as the old ones were really worn.  At least it was just 2 and not all 4 that needed to be replaced.  While they were working on the van, we went across the street to Sonic for supper.  Oh, during the afternoon, I also got my cross stitch group’s Secret Santa package ready to mail and finally got my ornament finished into an ornament for that package.  And in the evening I finished a cross stitch project that I’ve been working on since June that was supposed to have been mailed today.  

Let the weekend begin!!  We slept in this morning.  I’m going to call this week a bust as far as running is concerned.  I didn’t get anything other than my 5 miles on Monday.  Ugh.  I made banana bread for breakfast and it was really good.  Then we went outside to start working on the rear brakes for the van.  That’s when we discovered the shoddy workmanship from last night at the tire place.  We were missing a lug nut on one tire, and a stud had been broken off on another.  So we went back to Discount Tire and Ryan talked to the manager.  They got the lug nut taken care of and called Brake Master for the stud.  And the manager agreed that that was unacceptable, and the guy that did the work on the van will not be working for Discount Tire anymore.  So we went to Brake Master and they were supposed to be waiting for us and get us right in.  Well, it was about 15-20 minutes or so before they got the van in and they had said an hour and a half.  Luckily we all had stuff to do while we waiting.  It was getting close to an hour and Ryan went to check and see how it was coming and they had made like no progress.  "It’s too rusty so we have to do it a different way."  Yeah, ok.  Whatever.  They said it would still be another 45 minutes or so, and the guys were getting hungry, so we went across the street to Arby’s for lunch.  After we ate, we went back and still waited probably 20 minutes before they were finally done.

Once we got home, it took Ryan less than an hour to change the rear brakes.  But as he was putting the lug nuts back on, he broke another stud.  So we’re going to replace all the studs on that tire.  They are pretty rusty – probably from all the NY and MI salt and other crap they put on the roads in the winter.  That, and the van has 121,500 miles on it and we’ve had it for over 6 years.  I got laundry done while we were working on the brakes.  Robert and I both helped some.  After it started getting dark, we headed to the golf course on post for NOEL – Night of Extraordinary Lights.  It was done by MWR and was an excellent event.  They had "ice" skating – but it was a special hard plastic/rubber mat surface.  We decided that Robert’s first time ice skating would be on REAL ice.  But they had Santa there, and hay rides to go out and look at all the lights they had on the golf course.  It was a lot of fun!  Oh, and Robert had a s’more as well.  We stopped at Subway on our way home for supper.

Today’s high:  71
Current:  52

Here’s Robert helping Daddy with the van. . .