Days 8-10, and a new Commanding General

Day 8, Monday – The morning started off with a full dress rehearsal for the change of command.  It went really well and we only had to go through the ceremony twice!  We got a long lunch and then had holiday concert rehearsal after lunch.  K and I went for an after work 5.36 mile run in 55:51 – an amazing 10:25 pace!!!

Day 9, Tuesday – We had a holiday concert rehearsal in the morning and then I did some admin work.  We pretty much got the afternoon off which was nice.  Once Ryan got home from his appointment in Tucson (in the van – I got a ride home from work with a friend), we brought the Harley to the bike shop and then ran a few other errands on our way home.  

Day 10, Wednesday – This morning was the Ft. Huachuca Commanding General’s Change of Command Ceremony.  We said farewell to one Commander and welcomed another in an hour and a half long ceremony.  I was the Drum Major for the band, and it went really well.  Several of my fellow band members told me afterward that it was one of my best "performances" as Drum Major!  We had a long lunch again since the ceremony went right to lunchtime and everyone’s chops were tired from so much playing and we had holiday concert rehearsal this afternoon.  I went home during lunch and took a nap.  So we went back to work at 1400 instead of 1300.  The holiday concert rehearsal went well – we pretty much ran through the whole concert.  After rehearsal I did some admin work and then headed home for the day.  It sure was nice coming home to the smell of dinner cooking in the crockpot and fresh baked homemade bread (thanks Sweetie!!!).  I made some rice to go along with the pork chops with mushroom sauce.  It was really good.  Then I had choir practice and we went through our cantata twice during rehearsal.  It actually went well, and I think it should be good on Sunday when we perform it.

Today’s high:  68
Current:  47

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