Days 2-6 of the 12-day workweek

Day 2/Tuesday – It was just a normal day with Holiday Concert rehearsal and admin work.  It was a little bit of a late afternoon for me, but not too bad.

Day 3/Wednesday – Admin work in the morning, and Holiday Concert rehearsal in the afternoon.  I donated blood after work – my first time donating in MANY years.  But I finally wasn’t deferred for anything.  It took almost 45 minutes for all the paperwork and various check-in stations and then only 25 minutes from the time I got on the chair to donate to the time I left.  And that included my 15 minutes of waiting afterward while I ate snacks and drank Kool-Aid.  After dinner, I had church choir practice.

Day 4/Thursday – We started our day with the Holiday Safety Briefing.  It was actually pretty interesting with different presenters on various topics.  Then it was back to the band hall (the briefing was at the post theater) for a rehearsal.  I headed home at lunch as Ryan needed to go somewhere and the bike needs some repairs right now.  Then after lunch was a class (in house this time) on Spice (click the word ‘Spice’ for more info) followed by Holiday Concert rehearsal.  Then it was home for a relaxing evening.

Day 5/Friday – I started my morning with a 6.63 mile run with K.  We headed out about 0515 and had a nice predawn run!!  It took us 1:14:33.  Then it was into uniform and off to one of the other elementary schools in town for their Blue Ribbon ceremony.  They were selected as one of only 314 schools in the COUNTRY recognized as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, and only one of 4 in Arizona.  It was a pretty lengthy ceremony and the youngest students were getting pretty squirmy by the end.  After the ceremony, I headed out to post and got ready for Drill Band.  We dusted off the cobwebs of our ceremony stuff as we have 2 change of command ceremonies within the next week.  After Drill Band was lunch, and then after lunch was Holiday Concert rehearsal.  Then I went to Finance to turn in some paperwork before heading to get allergy shots.  Then it was out to Lakeside Terrace for a presentation of a farewell gift from the Garrison (which the Band falls under) to the Commanding General who will be retiring in a few days.  Then I finally got to go home and have a relaxing evening.

Day 6/Saturday – We all slept in this morning.  I slept until almost 10 and Ryan until almost 1030.  Robert was up earlier than either of us, so I don’t know when he was up.  Ryan and I made brunch for us – omelets, hash browns, and sausage.  It was really good.  Then we headed outside and got the rest of our Christmas lights up and we also got lights attached to my Drum Major mace.  All too soon it was time for me to get into uniform and head to post for formation.  We marched in the Sierra Vista Holiday Parade this evening – I was Drum Major.  Since the parade is after dark, I needed lights on my mace so the band can see it.  The parade went well, but I did drop my mace once on a roll-off.  I was trying to be careful with the lights on it, and it got away from me.  But I managed to scoop it up and keep going – didn’t even get out of step or anything.  After the band got to the end of the parade, I went and found Ryan and Robert and watched the rest of the parade with them.  The whole parade was almost 2 hours long!!!!  After the parade was done, we went to Denny’s for dinner our way home.

Today’s high:  71
Current:  52

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