A Clean Living Room!!

This morning was a no alarm clock morning for us.  It was my first time sleeping in in a very long time.  It felt good, even though I was up by 0830.  I brought Robert to Child Time and we got a lot of stuff done today.  We got the living room cleaned, but took a break around lunchtime and went on the Harley to the A & W in Benson.  Nothing like going a half hour to eat lunch.  It was a nice ride even though it was a little chilly.  But that’s what dressing in layers is for.  Once we got back home, Ryan went and got Robert from Child Time and we finished cleaning.  Robert did 15 minutes of cleaning and then he got to play Wii for 15 minutes and repeat.  I think he did an hour or an hour and 15 minutes of cleaning.  He still has some work to do in his bedroom, but we definitely made progress today.  I got the living room vacuumed really good and we got our Christmas tree up!!  It’s a pre-lit one, so the lights are on it, but we’ll decorate it tomorrow.  I ordered pizza from Papa Johns for dinner and we had a picnic on the floor – since we actually have a floor again.  I even got some crocheting done this evening!  It was a really good day.

Today’s high:  59
Current:  39