Relaxing Sunday

This morning was a double choir Sunday, but my body needed sleep after yesterday so I didn’t make it to the early service.  I did get up in time for the 1100 service.  The service and our anthem (And the Glory of the Lord from Handel’s Messiah) went really well.  Then it was home for a little bit before heading to Vinny’s for Robert soccer team’s post season party.  It was a lot of fun – the kids playing and the parents all chatting together.  An interesting thing – all 4 of the kids there (several team members couldn’t make it) had both a mom AND a dad present!  Not very common these days.  We all had lots of pizza and wings and then Coach presented each of the kids with a trophy.  And then there was a cake.  But it wasn’t really a cake – it was cupcakes all frosted together to look like a cake.  Pretty neat!

After the party was over, we headed home to watch the final NASCAR race of the season.  Robert’s favorite driver, #48 Jimmie Johnson won his 5th championship in a row!  It was a really good race to end the season.  I got quite a bit of stitching done and then I called Mom at 1730and we talked for a while.  After I was done on the phone, we went to Denny’s for supper.  Ryan had a sandwich and Robert and I both had dessert.

Today’s high:  62
Current:  52

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