Carinals Game, Relaxing Day off, and back to work

Saturday Robert had a soccer game and then we tried to change the brakes on the van.  But we had a lug nut that refused to come off – it was stripped and Ryan spent probably 4-5 hours trying to get it off.

Sunday I had an early formation and one of my friends from the band picked me up so Ryan could keep working on the van.  We headed up to Phoenix on a charter bus to play halftime at the Arizona Cardinals (pro football) game.  We got to watch the 1st quarter before we went back to the bus to get our uniforms and instruments and get changed.  Once halftime started, we marched out on the field playing "American Soldier" and then once we were in place and the Commander and Drum Major (not me – I marched trombone for this since we were short on trombonists) had changed places, we played the Armed Forces Medley.  Then we stepped off during the Army Song, like we normally do during ceremonies and marched off the field.  Then we changed out of uniform and headed home.  We spent about 6 1/2 hours on a bus for a 6 1/2 minute gig.  But it was a lot of fun, and you actually got to see me a little bit on TV – not during halftime because they had to do the blah-blah-blah commentary stuff, but as we were getting lined up in the end zone just before halftime started!  And I got 5 1/2 hours of cross stitching done on the bus (I read the rest of the way home as it was too dark to stitch).

Monday was a day off, but I still had to go out to post as I had an appointment and a visit to the lab for blood work and my allergy shots.  Once I got home, I read for a while and did my e-mail and stuff and then I went and got a 90 minute massage.  That was really nice and much needed.  And only $50!!!  Robert had soccer practice, and then we went to Golden Corral for their Military Appreciation dinner.  It was nice eating for free again!

Tuesday was a long day.  I got called in to work at 1 in the morning by my First Sergeant.  Don’t ask why because I can’t really talk about it, but 1SG needed some info that only I have access to because it’s on a system online and we had to fight for even me to get that access back when I started working in admin.  At least he gave me the morning off so I could get some sleep.  But it was probably half hour or so after I got home that I was able to even go to bed and then I tossed and turned the rest of the night.  I got up briefly about 0720 to make sure Ryan was up to get Robert to school and then I finally slept a little until about 0945.  I got up and ready and did e-mail and Facebook and stuff before heading to work for 1300.  The rest of the day wasn’t too bad, but I was exhausted.  Once I got home from work, I went for a 4.71 mile run in 47:45, a 10:09 pace!  That’s super fast for me for that distance, but between the stress of the day and just really getting into a good feel for the run, it was nice.  We went to Taco Bell for dinner.

This morning was PT and then home for a super quick change.  Ryan and I went to a duty day marriage retreat that the Chaplains on post put on.  We talked about communicating  and how to be better listeners and stuff.  We got some really good stuff out of it.  The Chaplains do these duty day marriage retreats about once a month or once every other month, and then they also do weekend ones at nice resorts once ever few months.  We’re going to start going as much as we can – it’s all free.  Not only is it a day off work, but it’s a good way to help enrich our marriage.  After we picked Robert up from Child Time, we went to Denny’s as I had a 20% off coupon that was about to expire.  Then I finally made it to choir practice again this evening.  It’s been a while, but they understand that life gets in the way sometimes.

Today’s high:  66
Current:  48

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