Happy Veteran’s Day!!

This has been Veterans Day marathon week.  Tuesday morning was the earliest morning of the week, but we had about an hour and twenty minute drive to the school where a ceremony was being held.  It was a nice ceremony, and then we got fed lunch after.  YUM!!!  Wonderful sandwiches and some kind of squash soup and homemade apple crisp AND homemade ice cream for dessert.  All done by the culinary arts students at the school.  Once we got back to the band hall, we had a few minutes and then a full band ceremonial music rehearsal for gigs later in the week, followed by marching band practice, again for a gig later in the week.  I got about 2 1/2 hours of stitching done during the drive to and from the gig.

Wednesday morning was another early formation, but not quite so early.  We headed to another school about 45 minutes away for another ceremony.  The guest speaker at this one was a retired Air Force General who had also been an astronaut!!!  And after the ceremony, he came and shook the hands of all the band members and thanked US!  So now I’ve shaken the hand of a real astronaut.  Very cool.  And again, we got fed after the gig.  LOTS of really good brunch foods.  I got more stitching done during the drive.  Once back to the band hall, we had our usual hour and a half lunch break, and then after lunch was vehicle inspections, details, and a safety briefing since we’re going into a 4-day weekend.  I got some admin work done as well.

This morning was the Veterans Day parade here in town, and I was the Drum Major for the band.  The parade went really well – probably several thousand people along the parade route!  And then we had a ceremony in the park, but I got to just stand in the back and watch the ceremony.  Since I didn’t march with an instrument, I didn’t have one to play for the ceremony.  After the ceremony, we were done and headed back to post.  After I had been home for a bit, my guys and I headed to Applebees and met up with K and had a nice lunch – and it was free!  We only waited about 50 minutes to be seated – not bad at all.  And they had a really good system to get people in – they handed out numbers as well as taking your name down on the waiting list.  Then they just called the number.  Even Robert’s kid’s meal was free – he ordered the 2 mini cheeseburgers and they tasted really funny.  Even Ryan tried them and agreed with Robert.  So we only paid for our drinks and Ryan’s extra fries.  I must clarify. . .  We didn’t just not pay for Robert’s meal.  Ryan told the manager and he took it off our bill.

We came home and relaxed for a while and I finally checked my e-mail and stuff for the first time today.  And then we went to Chili’s for free dinners.  We had a great meal with the three of us and B and K.  I ate way too much today, but it was a very good day and great time with friends/fellow veterans!!

Today’s high:  62
Current:  46

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