Ft. Huachuca Holiday Bazaar – Day 1

This morning I got up and ready and headed out to post for the Holiday Bazaar.  My friend KJ and I have a booth together with baby stuff (blankets by her, bibs and booties by me) and Christmas ornaments (all by me).  We got our stuff laid out and got a couple of chairs and started crocheting while we waited for customers.  I had to leave a little after 10 to go home and get the guys as Robert had a soccer game.  He scored 2 goals during the game.  You can really tell a difference in the way all the team members play from the beginning of the field.  After the game was over, we all headed back out to post.  I relieved KJ so she could go get some lunch and walk around and then when she got back, I went and ate.  Robert spent a very long time bouncing in the bounce house they had outside by the food tent.  KJ and I got quite a bit of crocheting done throughout the day, and by the time 1700 rolled around and we were done for the day, we were both ready to be done.  My guys and I stopped at Quiznos for dinner on our way home.   Once home, we just relaxed and watched some TV.

Today’s high:  78
Current:  62


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