Family Back to THREE!!!

Yesterday was a very good day.  PT was good – we ran Reservoir Hill again, 3 times down and up with a loop around the parking lot in between.  Then we did a Command Climate Survey, a required part of the Equal Opportunity program after a commander has been in command for 90 days.  It’s to get the opinions of the members of the unit about unit morale, how the leadership is, harassment, etc.  It’s completely anonymous and the only person that sees the questionnaires that the Soldiers fill out is me – our commander will get a sheet with how many people answered this question this way and that question that way.  After the CCS was done, I headed to the lap for my weekly blood draw and then I went to Walmart to get window markers to write on the van windows to welcome Ryan home.  I got the house cleaned a little and clean sheets on the bed.  After I picked Robert up from school, we decorated the van windows and then headed to the Tucson airport to pick Ryan up.  Robert sure was excited to see him!  

We had a hotel in Tucson last night, and after we got checked in, we went to Howl-o-ween at the Tucson Zoo.  Robert got to go trick or treating at the zoo.  It sure looks different at night.  It was a lot of fun.  After we were done with that, we headed back to the hotel to get Robert out of his Mario costume and then went to Denny’s for dinner.

This morning we slept in a little, but the hotel fire alarm went off (turned out one of the cooks burnt some bacon), but by the time we were all decent enough to leave, they had shut the alarm off.  We headed down to breakfast and then back to our room to check e-mail, watch cartoons, etc. for a while before heading back to the zoo to actually see the animals and stuff.  We got to feed the giraffes again, and since it was cooler out than last time Robert and I went, there were more animals more active today.  It was a good family day, but it was also good to be home again.  With all 3 of us!!  Once home, I got changed and went for a 6.76 mile run in 1:15:43, an average pace of 11:12.  That’s 2 seconds per mile FASTER than my 2.75 mile run yesterday at PT.  Go figure.  But I saw a beautiful sunset on one set of mountains and then the HUGE full moon rising over the other set of mountains.  It was an awesome run all around!!  We went to Denny’s for dinner again – I kind of failed to plan dinner for tonight, but I have tomorrow’s planned.  Oops.  After Robert was in bed, we watched some Tivo and I crocheted for a little bit.

Today’s high:  71 (Tucson), 69 (Sierra Vista)
Current:  54

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