Awesome Day!!

Today was an awesome day.  I got Robert to school without any problems and he actually didn’t complain when I told him I wasn’t going to stay until the bell rang, so I got an extra 5 minutes back at home.  I rode the bike to work again and had a great, although a little chilly, ride.  I wasn’t nervous at all while reading award citations at formation this morning or when I was briefing some Soldiers on stuff.  The Specialists that work in Admin got the hutch taken off my desk in my office so now I can see the whole office and it’s a lot brighter in there.  One of the Specialists got my dry erase tracking board put up.  I got an NCOER (Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report) done and sent up to First Sergeant for Review and his Senior Rater comments.  I got my tracking board updated.  And I got out of work at a decent time and picked Robert up from Child Time on the bike on my way home.  He liked that.

Then he got ready for soccer and I got ready to run, and I had an awesome run while he was at soccer practice.  I did 60/120s today after a warm-up loop around the park.  60 seconds fast at between 7:30 and 8:30 per mile and then 120 seconds of recovery at between 10:30 and 11:30 per mile.  I did that for 4 laps and then a cool down loop.  My total distance was 3.45 miles and my total time was 34:38, an average pace of 10:03 per mile!!!!  It started raining just as Robert and I were leaving and then we went to Quiznos for supper.  I don’t think I even knew we had a Quiznos here, but I saw it and we went.  Then it was home for some relaxing and Tivo and after Robert was in bed, I crocheted for a while.

Today’s high:  62  Fall has arrived in Arizona
Current:  52

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