No Church – Home Sick

I was still in bed this morning when Robert climbed up and woke me up.  He doesn’t usually do that.  "Mommy.  My tummy doesn’t feel good."  "Are you ok?"  "No mommy.  I’ve been pooping."  And thus began my morning.  I sent him back to bed for a while and I went back to sleep until my alarm went off about an hour or so later.  When I got up, Robert was snuggled on the couch watching cartoons with frequent trips to the bathroom.  I asked and he said he had first been up when it was still dark out.  Poor little guy must have got a stomach bug or something.  So we didn’t get to church because I’m not going to be "that parent".  You know, the one that still takes the kid places when he is sick.  I gave him a glass of gatorade and he sipped on that throughout the day.  He was hungry at one point, so I made him some toast.  But then this evening the toast came back up.  I did get grocery shopping done, though, thanks to K coming over for a while.  And then I made my weekly phone call home to Mom and Dad when I got home from the grocery store and Robert got a bath.  It helped him feel a little better, but not much.  Ryan called while Robert was in the tub, so we had a family conversation in the bathroom – I put it on speaker phone so Robert could talk to Daddy as well.  Hopefully he’s feeling better in the morning and can go to school.  I’d hate for him to not be able to get perfect attendance this year again.  But again, I won’t be "that parent" and send him to school when he’s sick.  I did get a little bit of stitching done this evening as well.

Today’s high:  77
Current:  63


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