Another few days

Yesterday Robert had a dentist appointment and it was for sedation so he was home with me all day.  He did really well and we got x-rays done and got his teeth cleaned.  Maybe once or twice more with the sedation and we’ll try again without it.  It was sort of fun to watch the sedation stuff kick in.  He was drawing pictures while we were waiting (it had to be in his system for an hour) and he’d show me a picture and say "This is. . . .." and after the sedation stuff kicked in, it was just a bunch of lines.  But he was awake the whole time – it just made him really relaxed, and a little dizzy.  After we had been home for a while to let the stuff wear off some, I took him to Denny’s for lunch.  He was starving!  He had 3 kid sized pancakes, scrambled eggs, and 2 sausage links and was still hungry so I ordered him a fruit cup which disappeared pretty quickly as well.  He couldn’t have breakfast before the sedation, so he hadn’t eaten since about 7 the night before.  We spent the rest of the day just chilling out.  I went to choir practice in the evening and it wasn’t too bad.

This morning I brought Robert to Child Time and then came home and got some stuff done around the house and got some crocheting and stitching done and watched some Tivo’d shows.  Robert had soccer practice this evening, and while he practiced I ran 3.5 miles.  It was nice weather for an evening run and a beautiful sunset as the sun slipped behind the mountains.  We stopped at the grocery store for milk on our way home and then we had warmed up leftover hamburger helper for dinner.  After Robert was in bed, I crocheted for a little bit more.

Today’s high:  82
Current:  69

3 thoughts on “Another few days

    • I’ve got the Bisbee 1000 tomorrow and then a 40 mile bike race in Tucson next month. And I’m also signed up to do the Ragnar Relay – Del Sol in February! Looking forward to my first relay race! And then of course, there will be the Veterans’ Day 5K here in town – got 3rd in my age group last year.

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