Happy Columbus Day

Today was a day of working out for me.  It’s Fall Break for the public schools here, but Robert went to Child Time so I could continue to have my me-time.  He has more fun at Child Time playing with his friends anyway, and we do have one mommy-son day planned this week.  After I dropped him off, I stopped by H & B’s house to feed their cats.  They’re out of town for a few days, and since I’m only 1/4 mile away, I offered to feed their kitties.  After I got home, I got my tires aired up and headed out for an 18.27 mile bike ride.  I had planned on going 20, but I turned around early when I saw THE HILL looming.  It went down and the road disappeared before reappearing on the up side.  Nope.  Not ready for a hill like that yet – especially on my first ride since my triathlon in August.  My ride today was almost 3 miles longer than my previous longest ride, so it’s a good start toward the El Tour de Tucson 40 mile ride I’ll be doing the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  I definitely need to bring fuel (energy gels) with me next ride.  I was out for 1:34:52.  Once home, I got lunch and fluids and a shower and then spent the afternoon playing on my computer and stitching.

I picked Robert up around 4 and came home to change and get ready for soccer practice.  I changed, too – into my running clothes.  I ran on the bike path around the park where they have soccer practice and got in 3.05 miles in 32:33.  I was a little sore from my bike ride this morning, but it was still a good run.  My first official training run for the Ragnar Relay that I will a part of in February – 202 mile relay up near Phoenix with a 12 person team.  Each person runs 3 legs.  There were only 3 kids on the soccer team at practice today, so they had a little shorter one than usual.  All three of the kids went and played on the playground for a while and us parents chatted.  Then we headed home, but stopped and fed the cats again.  Supper was a "whatever night" and Robert had frozen waffles and I had spaghettios.  Then he got a bath and I stitched a little bit more.

Today’s high:  81
Current:  64


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