Tough week

I have a good reason for not having written this week.  Last Saturday evening, I was in the ER for a while.  Sunday I went to church and then Robert and I walked around Art in the Park for a while.  And that’s when it started getting worse.  I was back in the ER again Sunday evening, and many huge thanks to AK for picking Robert up from the hospital, taking him to her place, feeding him along with her 2 kids, and then coming back to the hospital to be with me.  No work until my follow-up appointment with my OB on Tuesday.  By then it was confirmed.  I had lost my baby.  Strangely I’m doing ok with that.  But I know that everything happens for a reason, and I know God has plans for me, for us.  I just put my faith and trust in Him and know that this is his will.  And Grandpa Bob has a little buddy up in heaven helping watch over us.  I am off work until the 18th, and this past week, I’ve spent a lot of time crocheting for the upcoming holiday bazaar and doing a little bit of cross stitching as well.  I finally went for a run on Friday, and that sure felt good to be back out on the roads.  Running is my outlet.  Various band families provided meals for Robert and I this week – stir fry on Monday, Papa Johns Pizza on Thursday, and fajitas on Friday.  Plus I got a little gift bag with a yummy smelling apple orchard candle and some chocolates in it, and yellow roses and daisies in a smiley face mug with a smiley face balloon.  The support from my friends and family has been awesome, and I definitely appreciate that.  I know Ryan does as well, since he stayed in Cincinnati to finish out his 8 weeks.  Robert is doing ok, as well.  

Today we babysat a 15 week old baby girl while her mom and dad both marched in a parade.  They’re both friends of mine and in the band with me.  Robert and the baby and I went up and watched the parade.  It was nice getting out of the house and visiting with a few of the band wives.  We had over a dozen kids in our little section, and they all got a ton of candy.  Robert enjoyed practicing being a big brother, and he did really well.  Once we got home, we just relaxed the rest of the day and I watched the Ironman World Championship live online.  That was pretty cool, and very motivating!  Maybe/hopefully someday (after the Army) I’ll do an Ironman.  Maybe not Hawaii, but there are plenty of others.

Off to bed now.

Today’s high:  82
Current:  66


4 thoughts on “Tough week

  1. Lani, I’m so sorry about the baby. I’m glad you feel at peace about it. I know that doesn’t mean it’s easy, and it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. But the peace is so important. Hugs all the way from Hawaii. I’m glad everyone there is taking care of you. You’re one amazing woman, I’m sure you know that!

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