Range Day

Today was M-16 qualification day.  But I had PT first.  We did a total of 60 crunches and 40 pushups before heading to the track for 2 miles.  It was a decent workout, but I miss my 3-4 mile runs.  After PT, I headed home to change and get breakfast/pack my backpack/etc. before heading out to the range.  I was in the first firing order and I zeroed my weapon in 12 shots.  Then I had to wait for the second firing order and then we had to clean that range up and close it with Range Control.  We moved to the next range over for qualification, since we were qualifying with pop-up targets today.  Again, I was in the first firing order and I shot a 25.  It’s not my best score, but at least I qualified this time.  And it was my first time on pop-up targets since I think 2001, so I was a little nervous.  But I did ok.  I actually missed 50m targets, but I was able to hit the 300m ones.  Go figure.  Before my eye surgery, I couldn’t even *see* the 300m targets, let alone hit them.  Now I could see them AND hit them!!  After I was done firing, I took out the crochet project I had brought with me, and I managed to get another bib done.  I couldn’t completely finish it as I hadn’t brought my crochet case with me so I didn’t have scissors or a yarn needle.  Oh well.  It’s ok.  After we had finished cleaning and closing that range, we headed back to the band hall to clean the weapons before they went to be turned in.  I headed home and had a much-needed shower before going to pick Robert up.  We had supper and he played Wii for a little bit before we headed to church for choir practice.  Rehearsal went well and I always enjoy singing.  Then it was home to get Robert to bed and now I’m heading to bed as well.

Today’s high:  91 (tied the record)
Current:  75

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