Family Fun Fest

I kind of slept way too long this morning and we didn’t make it to church.  And the choir anthem was a good one, too.  😦  Robert and I watched part of the race that Tivo had recorded before heading to the park for the Family Fun Fest.  It was a big carnival and all kinds of stuff.  I got Robert a wristband so he could ride all the rides that he wanted.  Partway through the afternoon we took a break for snow cones and a funnel cake.  We shared the funnel cake and still didn’t eat it all.  The snow cones were really good – in regular styrofoam cups and LOTS of flavoring.  It’s nice being able to enjoy your snow cone instead of having it soggy through the flimsy paper cone and barely any flavor.  We stayed until the carnival closed at 5 and then we made a stop at the post office on our way home.  After being home for a little while, we went to Dairy Queen for "dinner".  Ryan called while we were finishing up eating, so we talked to him there before heading home.  Mom called just as I was finishing talking to Ryan, to let me know that the company they had had left.  So I called them back on their house phone and we talked for a while.  Robert and I finished watching the last 35 laps of the race – Ryan had seen the finish earlier and he told me to let Robert stay up and finish watching it.  Robert’s favorite driver, #48 Jimmie Johnson won, so Robert was pretty excited about that.  Then he went to bed and I did some more crocheting while watching the Amazing Race.

Today’s high:  84
Current:  72

Here’s a picture of the results of Robert’s blue snow cone:

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