Oops. Several Days again

Thursday was our sort-of dress rehearsal at the Centennial Pavilion at the park.  We didn’t run through the complete show, as each group has been rehearsing on our own, but we did get sound going and we rehearsed the transitions between the groups.  So basically each group played the beginning of their first tune and the ending of their last tune so we could practice going between groups.  I think we went through it 4 times and then we were pretty much given the rest of the day off.  If we had shop work to do, we did need to take care of that, but other than that, it was a nice relaxing day.  I came home for lunch and even took about a 20 minute nap before heading out to post to do a little bit of admin work that needed to be done.  I picked Robert up for soccer practice and then after practice we went to Sonic for supper.  Boy did the mosquitos get their dinner while we were eating.  My legs were all itchy the rest of the night.

Friday was the annual POW/MIA walk on post at 0600 and that was our place of PT for pregnancy PT.  We could go in civilian clothes if we wanted (I did) and bring our families (I did).  The band was playing while all the Soldiers and family members and veterans were gathering on the field, and the morning started with a live (and very good) version of Reveille.  Then there were a couple of short speeches and then the walk began.  It was 2 miles and we went a pretty good pace.  Robert did really well and walked most of the 2 miles.  I put him up on my shoulders for a little bit at two points, but it wasn’t for more than maybe a tenth of a mile total.  After the walk was done, we headed home and I changed into uniform and he had breakfast and then I walked him to school.  I finished getting ready for work and headed out to post.  It was a short morning and I did a little bit of admin work and that was about it before heading home.  Once home, I had lunch and then got the laundry going and played on my computer.  I took a 45 minute nap and that really helped.  I picked Robert up from Child Time and we came home and had dinner and watched a little TV.  I got some stitching done.

Saturday was a busy day.  Robert had a soccer game, but before the game they had team and individual pictures, so we had to be there an hour early.  The game went well although we "lost" – the quotes because they don’t keep score at this age.  Robert scored 3 goals and his friend J scored 1!!  I took a lot of pictures and I’m going to put together a CD at the end of the season and give a copy to all the parents.  There are only 7 kids on Robert’s team, so it won’t take that long to burn the CDs.  Then we came home for a little while before heading to the park for sound check.  They had  a little bit of trouble getting the sound system to cooperate so sound check took a little longer than anticipated.  I was able to leave shortly after our scheduled dinner break started, but there was still one more group to do sound check when I left.  Robert just hung out and played while I was playing with Brass Band.  I made spaghetti for supper for us and got changed into uniform and then we headed back to the park for the concert and grand opening of the new band shell, the Centennial Pavilion.  Ceremonial Band played some marches for pre-music and I’m in that.  Then the people from the city said a few words, someone from the city sang the National Anthem, and they did a ribbon cutting for the pavilion.  Then Brass Quintet opened with a fanfare piece.  Then it was Jazz Combo, followed by another Brass Quintet tune, followed by my debut with the Brass Band, then another BQ tune, and then the Rock Band closed it out.  There were probably 300 or so in attendance and it was a really good concert.   It was nice being able to feature all of our groups and show the wide variety of musical genres we can perform.  After the concert, I talked with some people that came up to me and then Robert and I headed home.  (He hung out with one of the band wives and her 3 kids during the concert.)  We called Ryan and Robert fell asleep in the chair while I was talking to Ryan.  I carried Robert to bed and woke him up enough to have him climb the ladder to his bed and then he wanted a bedtime story.  So I started reading – he was sound asleep by about 3 paragraphs in.  All the running and fresh air from the day tired him out.  It tired me out as well, and I was in bed less than half hour after Robert was.

Today was Sunday School and Church.  Robert sat with the choir during the service again, and again I got lots of compliments from people on his behavior during the service.  And of course the choir members love having him sit with us.  After church, we went to Denny’s for lunch, but we both had breakfast.  Then we went to Big 5 Sporting Goods to get Robert a new soccer ball.  His went missing at the game yesterday.  We found a green one, so he’s excited about that, and the manager was talking to us and I told him that Robert’s ball had gotten stolen yesterday at the game, and he told us to tell whoever was up front to give us the best discount she could on the ball.  That was really nice of him!!  We ended up getting like $5 off!  Then we went to Target for kleenex, paper towels, juice (this was Robert’s idea – he knew I needed juice from the grocery store, and he saved me a trip when he suggested I just buy it at Target – smart kid!!), and a bigger water jug for Robert for during soccer.  Then we headed home and Robert played Super Mario Brothers on the Wii for a little while and then we watched the NASCAR race that I had Tivo’ed.  I called Mom & Dad and then Ryan and had good talks with all.  Robert and I were still full from lunch, so we didn’t have dinner.  Robert got a bath, and I got a ton of cross stitching done today!  Time for bed now. . .

Today’s high:  90
Current:  76


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