Home and back to work

Yesterday morning before my flight home, I had time to take the tour through the Mary Todd Lincoln House – that’s the house where Mary Todd, the wife of Abraham Lincoln grew up.  It was really interesting and our tour guide was very knowledgeable.  My flights home were uneventful, except for the lady sitting next to me on the DFW to Tucson leg.  If someone puts headphones on, there’s a good chance that person would like to listen to music or whatever and not talk.  Apparently, she never figured that out as she kept wanting to talk to me to whole flight.  The USO center at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport is really nice.  Wonderful volunteers and lots of free food.  I had a turkey sandwich (the frozen kind you heat up in the microwave), chips, a root beer, and a brownie thing for dinner and then I got a water and a Snickers for on the plane.  At no cost!!  But I did leave them a $5 donation before I left.

It was nice being met at the airport, and Robert came running for me as soon as he saw me.  That’s always nice!!!  We ate dinner on our way home and it was nice to be home and sleep in my own bed again.

This morning it was back to PT where I gave a PT test to some of the postpartum Soldiers and then off to work from there – I had brought my uniform so I could change at the gym.  We had formation a little early as the Colonel was coming to present an award to a Soldier who is leaving.  After the award presentation, we had a small ceremonial band rehearsal for Saturday evening’s gig and then Brass Band rehearsed the rest of the time until lunch.  I headed home at lunch and had a yogurt and changed clothes before heading to my first baby appointment.  As I expected it took almost an hour, but they had to do my medical history and my previous baby history and all that fun stuff, as well as the "poke and probe" exam and that kind of stuff.  After that was done, I headed out to post to schedule the 1 hour diabetes test, but I ended up doing it right then.  At least I got that over with.  I’m just glad I had brought a book in with me, so I had something to do for the hour after I drank the icky sweet liquid.  Actually, it wasn’t too bad – just like super sweet gatorade.  Once that was done, I headed home and got more caught up on my e-mail and got my mid-month bills all taken care of.  Then I got Robert from Child Time and came home and made mac & cheese for dinner while he worked on his homework.  Then we headed to the church for choir practice which went well.  I’m sure liking these hour practices instead of an hour and a half like they used to be.  Once we got home, I got Robert to bed and then I crocheted for a little bit while I watched the season premier of Survivor: Nicaragua.

Today’s high:  91
Current:  72


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