It’s been a week again.

I’ve been really worn out in the evenings and haven’t had the energy or awakeness to write.  It’s been busy at work, and then busy at home being a single mom.  Only 6 more weeks and Ryan will be home!!

Tuesday – We started the morning off with another 100% urinalysis so I ended up not being able to walk Robert to school.  I had to drop him off at Child Time on my way to formation and I wasn’t too happy about that.  Oh well.  Such is the life of a Soldier.  I hadn’t eaten breakfast before I had left and I was hungry.  There was a little bit of time between the urinalysis finishing and our next thing, so I went to Burger King for breakfast.  Their breakfast chiabatta clubs are REALLY yummy!!  We had a ceremonial music rehearsal in the morning, but our UPL (unit prevention leader – the person who runs the urinalyses) had to be tested and since the UPL is female, I went with her to the ASAP (Army Substance Abuse Program) building to observe her while she made her donation.  Yes, we are observed while we pee when we have urinalyses.  I think I got some stitching done and lunch and some admin work before heading home to pick Robert up and make supper.

Wednesday – We "played cards" at PT again – red = pushups, black = ab something, and the number is the value of the card.  And then we hit the track for a mile and a half run after.  I rode the Harley to work and spent the day doing admin work.  We had drill band in the afternoon, but I let the Secondary Drum Major take rehearsal today since our major ceremony that had been scheduled for Friday has been postponed.  And then we had our weekly staff meeting and that took up most of the rest of the day.  Then it was home for dinner and then choir practice.  I’m liking rehearsals getting done shortly after 8.  They’re much more focused and productive than they were last year.  After I got Robert to bed, I crocheted for a little bit.

Thursday – I actually got to walk Robert to school this morning, even though formation as at 0800.  I just showed up a little bit late – I had cleared it ahead of time.  We spent the first part of the morning watching a video about how to make a show more than just a bunch of music strung together, but to make it an experience for the audience.  It was really interesting and I learned some stuff from it.  Then we had brass band rehearsal for the rest of the morning and timed our pieces for an upcoming performance, which will be my first in brass band.  I did a little bit of admin work before heading to lunch with my friend J.  After lunch I only had about half hour before I had to leave again.  We’re halfway through the first marking period and had progress report parent/teacher conferences.  I had a very good meeting with Robert’s teacher and she had lots of good stuff to say.  He is already meeting all the standards at the 1st grade level, is 12 words away from the 100 sight-words (words that he can look at and know without sounding out) that he needs before 2nd grade, and he’s in the top reading group!!  I’m so proud of my little guy!  I came home for a little while after the conference before picking Robert up from Child Time, soccer practice, and then dinner.

Friday – We ran Reservoir Hill and Huachuca Canyon Road for PT this morning.  We didn’t get the full 3.25 miles in because we got a late start, but it was still a pretty good workout to start the day.  Once I got to work, I had a VERY productive morning and got a ton of admin stuff done.  I think I’m all caught up for now, and maybe even a little ahead.  I was even able to start training AK on a few things, so that was good.  We were released for the day at 1130 and I only stayed an hour late to get caught up.  It was nice getting so much done for a change.  I also had a productive afternoon at home and with errands.  I folded laundry from last week, washed more laundry, got bread going in the bread maker and then went back out to post and found a really pretty dress at the PX, got $18 worth of groceries for the week at the commissary, and got gas in my van.  Then I picked Robert up and we had an early dinner before heading to the Opening Ceremonies for his soccer league.  It was really neat that during the ceremony they introduced all the teams.  There are over 1000 kids playing soccer this fall!!  Once we got home, K came over and "kidnapped" Robert for a while and the notary came over to my house and I did the closing on my refinance on our house in New York.  I only had a stack of papers about 2 inches thick to sign.  I lowered my interest rate by almost 2% and lowered my monthly mortgage payment by almost $300!!!  That sure will help with things now that we’ll actually be making money from the rent income!

Saturday – Today was Robert’s first soccer game.  He did really well and even scored 2 goals!!  The Under-6 kids play 8 minute quarters with 2 minutes in between and an 8 minute half time, no goalies, and the ball is kicked in from out of bounds instead of thrown.  I had volunteered to bring snacks for the game, and I had a huge bowl full of orange slices for them.  There was even enough to share with siblings and parents.  All the kids had a lot of fun.  They don’t keep score at this age.  After the game, I took Robert for Blizzards at Dairy Queen and then we went to Target where he used some of his birthday money to buy some Legos.  Then we went and I got my nails done.  Once home, I finished up my e-mail from the morning since I didn’t have time, and then I helped Robert build his new Lego kit.  I called home to Mom & Dad since we’ll both be away from phones during our normal phone call time tomorrow.  Then we had dinner and after dinner Robert got a bath and I called Ryan.  I also got some stitching done today.

Today’s high:  84
Current:  67

Here’s a video of Robert scoring one of his goals!