Mystery 10K and a Birthday Party

The Mystery 10K was held on post this morning.  Here’s my race report:

What a great race even though it was .33 miles short. It was the Mystery 10K because we didn’t know the route until we ran it this morning. It went through parts of Ft. Huachuca that I’ve never been on, and it was beautiful scenery!! Some of the race was on dirt/gravel roads, but I’ve certainly run on MUCH worse. I ran with a couple of friends from work, and it was nice having someone to run with! There were some killer hills on the course, but I ran the whole way – except for walking the water stops, but in my book, that doesn’t count as walking during the race. The finish line was IN the gym, which was kind of interesting, but it just added to the mystery of the event.  The weather was beautiful. I could have taken a little bit cooler, but it wasn’t bad. And the humidity wasn’t that bad either. The course was a bit short, but seems to be the norm for races on post. I should fill out a comment card and let them know.  I finished the 5.87 miles (a true 10K is 6.2) in 1:08:48, an 11:43 pace.  I met an online running friend at the race – always nice to put a face with a name!  He actually finished 2 overall male civilian and 7th overall (they give out awards for the first three finishers male/female military and male/female civilian).  I had a great run and ran with KC and our First Sergeant.  It was Top’s first 10K and he did great!

After the race, the three of us headed to the Legion for breakfast and Ryan and Robert met us there.  We had a great time.  Then it was home for a shower for me.  After my shower, I took my laptop out in the garage and sat and did e-mail and stuff while Robert played with his cars out in the driveway.  Shortly after noon, we headed to Target to get some stuff to put in the goodie bags for Robert’s birthday party and then to the grocery store to pick up the cake.  And then it was over to Peter Piper Pizza where we had Robert’s party.  He had two friends show up and the three of them had a great time!!  We all had lots of pizza and cake and ice cream, and Robert got a monster truck and Hot Wheels cars from his friends.  After the party, we headed home to relax for a while, but then we went to Best Buy to get Robert’s presents from us.  I got the movie Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs for him and Ryan let him pick out a Wii game.  Then we headed home and the guys tried out the new game for a while before we settled in for family movie night and we watched the new (although it’s been out for a while – we’ve never seen it) movie.  I got quite a bit of stitching done this evening as well.

Ryan and I just finished folding clothes and his suitcase is mostly packed and ready for his departure on Monday.  Now I need to finish up on here and get to bed.

Today’s high:  80
Current:  68

And before I go, I’ll leave you with a few pictures from Robert’s party.

Robert and his soccer cake

Monster Truck

Hot Wheels cars

Group hug with his friends before everyone left (girl on the left, Robert in the middle, boy on the right)

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