Playing Cards at PT

I started the morning by "playing cards" with the 1st Trimester & Postpartum Soldiers. The guy that I’m replacing as Exercise Leader for the 1T & PP Soldiers had to give a Soldier a PT test this morning, so he left me in charge of them.  Each red card was push ups and each black card was some form of ab work. I pulled all the face cards out, so it was just A (1) through 10. We did 110 push ups and 110 "ab somethings". It was a good workout, and then we headed to the track for 6 laps.  What a great way to start my day!  Some of the Soldiers complained about the workout, but it was a good workout and it’ll only help them get back in shape and ready for their PT tests.  I’ll probably break out the cards every other week or so.

After shower/change/breakfast/pack lunch, I headed back to work for formation.  After formation we were able to have a short (only an hour) Brass Band rehearsal.  That was nice – it’s been a while.  We had an early lunch today due to scheduled training starting at 1200.  I wasn’t really hungry yet, since it was an hour earlier than normal, but I knew if I didn’t eat, I’d be really hungry later when I wouldn’t be able to eat.  So I ate.  Shortly before noon, I headed to the electronic weapon trainer building to sign for the place and get everything set up.  Yes, I was in charge again.  There was only 1 other operator beside myself, so it made for a really long afternoon.  It was a full band training event, so just about everyone in the unit went through.  We had 4 firing orders and each one had at least one person that needed to go again because they didn’t score well enough the first time.  So I ran 4 firing orders and the other Soldier ran 4 firing orders.  But even if you’re not running the program, you’re watching for Soldiers that need help, etc.  But when the afternoon was done, everyone had gotten a qualifying score and no one had to fire more than 2 times.

I headed back to the band hall for a little while after I was done with the training, but I didn’t really get much done as I was pretty tired.  I took care of a few small things, but everything else can wait until tomorrow.  I stopped and picked Robert up on my way home and when we got home, Ryan made macaroni & cheese for dinner.  It’s always nice when I don’t have to cook at the end of a long day.  He headed out right after we ate as he had a Legion meeting tonight and had to be there early.  Robert read to me after dinner (his homework from school is to read 15-20 minutes daily and I have to mark what book he read on his reading log) and then he played Wii for a little while before we left for the church.  Choir practice started back up this evening!!  Robert was very well-behaved as always there.  Rehearsal went well and it’s good to be singing again.  Once home, I got Robert off to bed and then did just a little bit of crocheting – enough to say that I did something today.

Today’s high:  81
Current:  72


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