Another Sunday

Ryan left early this morning (well, not early-early, but earlier than Robert and I did) for a 6+ hour bike ride with some of the guys from the American Legion Riders.  I brought Robert to Sunday School and then came home and got a load of laundry done before going back for Church.  The service was good, and then after the service, a bunch of choir members (maybe 20 or so) went to a care facility to sing "The Lord Bless You and Keep You" for our former director who is suffering from late stage cancer.  Boy did her face light up when "her" choir walked in her room!  We sang for her and said the Lord’s Prayer.  Her son was very thankful for us caring so much.  After Robert and I got back to the church (we rode with several other choir members), we headed to the gas station and grocery store.  We got our groceries for the week and then headed home.  We watched a few movies this afternoon, including "Surf’s Up" which I’ve never seen before.  I got some stitching done and I made my weekly phone call home to mom and dad.  Once Ryan got home, we headed to Dairy Queen for dinner.  Ryan had chili cheese dogs and Robert and I had ice cream.

Today’s high:  93 (record is 94)
Current:  77

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