Friday the 13th!!!!

What a good day today!  This morning went by quickly at work.  We had a ceremonial music rehearsal for a little over an hour and then we did some updates on forms for our Record of Emergency Data and our Servicemembers Group Life Insurance – updating beneficiaries and stuff.  Of course, not everyone had updates, but there were a lot that did.  And then it was time to clean the building and be done for the day!  I had a little bit of admin stuff to take care of and I didn’t leave until around noon, but that’s ok.  I headed to the pool and swam 1100 meters, which included 800 m in 17:47!  It was a really good workout and my new goggles are awesome!!!  Not only did my eyes not hurt after I was done, but they weren’t even red from the chlorine.  Woohoo!  If you’re wondering, I have Aqua Sphere Lady Kaiman goggles.  They are so easy to adjust and they’re really comfy.  After my swim, I registered for the Mystery 10K on post – a week after my triathlon.  And it’s free for Active Duty, so even better!  Then it was home to make a tuna w/ salsa sandwich for lunch.  YUM!  And then I went and got a manicure and pedicure.  I picked Robert up from Child Time and Ryan took him next door to jump on our neighbor’s trampoline for a while.  He sure loves that – and our neighbor is a friend of ours, and said we’re welcome to go over anytime.  We had chicken nuggets and mashed taters for supper and then had a relaxing evening watching the new Disney movie, "Den Brother."  We let Robert stay up late to watch it, and in return he said he’d take a nap tomorrow.  I got some stitching done – and some unstitching (called "frogging") as well.  I discovered a section I had stitched previously was one stitch off.  Not fun.  Off to bed now.

Today’s high:  91
Current:  80

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