Baby Shower and Thunder Showers

I slept in again this morning.  I did have an alarm set because I had planned on getting up and going running.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  Again.  This is not a good thing.  I’m just not a morning person and I need to figure out how to make myself one.  We had a nice relaxing morning with breakfast and cartoons.  In the early afternoon, we all headed out to post so the guys could drop me off at a baby shower for JB.  We picked up LS on our way.  The baby shower was a lot of fun – lots of great food, fun games, and J got lots of really nice gifts.  The guys went to the field by the gym on post and kicked the soccer ball around for a while and had lots of exercise.  Then they went to Burger King for food since they were hungry.  They got to the house where the baby shower was just before we had cake, so they had some, too.  Well, Ryan didn’t have any, but Robert had 2 pieces.  After Ryan visited with RS (the husband of the hostess and one of my coworkers) for a while, we headed home.  It started raining on our way home and then the thunderstorms started.  We had a couple of really good and close ones again!  I love me a good thunderstorm!  I had gotten some stitching done earlier in the day, and I got a bit more done after Robert was in bed.  And now I’m heading to bed.  Perhaps I can get up to run in the morning??

Today’s high:  82
Current:  66


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