Yesterday morning I walked Robert to school and then headed to work.  After formation, I got a ton of admin stuff taken care of throughout the day.  Other than that, I have no idea what I did.  I had planned on going to the pool after work, but there was a thunderstorm and they close the INDOOR pool when there’s lightning.  I have yet to figure that one out.  So I picked Robert up from Child Time and after I had changed when we were home, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for supper.  Then it was home for some crocheting.

This morning was an early morning, although I slept through my alarm and was out the door about 10 minutes after I woke up.  I was on time, though.  This morning was First Sergeant’s PT and we had a choice – either go to PT at 0600 and play frisbee football, or show up at 0630 at clean up trash along our 1-mile stretch of highway that the Band has adopted.  I always enjoy doing Adopt-A-Highway even though it’s hard work.  It took 8 of us an hour and a half to do one side of the road on our stretch.  We filled probably 15 trash bags, plus had several piles of other misc. BIG stuff that we found.  I think the most interesting find for the morning was a license plate with a BRAND NEW sticker on it – it expires Aug 2011.  We kept that and our coordinator was going to drop it off at the DMV on her way home from work.

After we finished, we had to go back to the band hall for formation.  At least we got a free civies day out of it – for what it was worth.  We were in long pants and boots, and we were all sweaty and gross when we got back.  After formation, there were 2 things going on – a thorough cleaning of the band hall (GI Party) and various counselings that had to be done.  I had one counseling to do, for the NCO that I’m doing an evaluation report for.  I got his counseling form finished out and submitted a copy to 1SG.  I’ll be starting to write his evaluation in a couple of weeks.  About 1040, RR and I left to go get allergy shots.  It was nice having someone else there to talk to while we waited our half hour.  I also took my stitching project and worked on that for a little bit.

Once I was done at the allergy clinic, I headed to the pool for a wonderful 1200 meter swim workout.  I did a 50 m warm up, and then 100 m.  Then I had to unfog and drain my goggles.  Then was 150 m and another round of fixing the goggles.  Finally I got them on good enough and was able to complete a straight 800 m for practice for my upcoming triathlon.  Then I did a 100 m cool down.  It was a really good workout, but I’ve got to get new goggles.  I’m tired of goggle malfunctions.  Once I had gotten changed, I headed home and changed again (I had put shorts on instead of my jeans after swimming) and Ryan and I headed out on the bike.  We went to the mall food court for lunch – he had Taco Bell and I had Subway and then to Best Buy.  Then we went home to drop the Best Buy bag off before heading to Target to shop for tomorrow’s baby shower.  We got home just before the thunderstorm really started, so that was good.  Ryan went and picked Robert up from Child Time and I put frozen pizzas in the oven for dinner.  We had a picnic on the living room floor.  After we ate, I tucked in the ends of the baby blanket that’s part of the gift for tomorrow’s baby shower and then I finished up the paperwork for refinancing our mortgage on our house in New York with a much lower interest rate.  Then I did computer stuff because I didn’t feel like stitching.

Today’s high:  89
Current:  72

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