I’m the mother of a first grader

This morning we got up and got ready, and before we left, we took first day of school pics.  And then we walked Robert to school for his first day of 1st grade.  He was pretty excited about it.  After he was at school, I finished getting ready for work and headed out.  After formation, I spent the morning taking care of admin stuff.  I worked into lunch a little bit to finish up what I was working on and then I headed home.  I ate lunch and then we went and picked Robert up from school and headed to Tucson.  He had his follow-up appointment with his surgeon today and the doctor said that everything looked really good!  Then we went to the mall and bought a couple of Phineas & Ferb things at the Disney Store.  Then we went to Waffle House for dinner.  I crocheted in the car on the way to Tucson and for as long as I could on the way home.  I ran out of light before we ran out of road.  But I did get to enjoy an awesome lightning display from the thunderstorm after it got too dark to crochet.

Today’s high:  93
Current:  71


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