Welcome to Higher Ground Brass Band

This morning was an early morning as we had our quarterly weigh in.  I wasn’t at the band hall for but maybe 10 minutes – weigh ins don’t take very long if you are under your table weight and don’t have to be taped.  I headed home and went back to bed for a little while more.  It was a civies day today so it was nice being in shorts at work.  After formation, I took a new Soldier to be arrived and get his in processing paperwork.  Then it was off to Brass Band rehearsal.  It was a ton of fun and I think I’m going to really enjoy being in (and in charge of ) this group!  I’ll miss Brass Quintet for sure, but I’m going to love this group, too.  Rehearsal went all the way to lunch.  I ate my lunch and did e-mail and facebook since I didn’t really have enough time to get my stitching out.  After lunch – actually at 1230 (half hour early) we had a practice promotion board for a Soldier.  He did really well today – lots better than his last mock board.  He’s got one more mock board in a couple of weeks before I take him to the real deal at the end of the month.  After the board, I got some admin work done and then we cleaned the building really good and got everything looking good before we went home for the day.  I picked Robert up on my way home, and the the three of us walked to Robert’s school for Open House.  We found out his teacher and found where his classroom is and he was excited that some of his friends from last year are in his class this year.  His teacher is really nice and I think he’ll have another great year of school.  After the open house, we walked to McDonald’s for dinner.  On our way home, we took a slight detour and went to the little park Robert and I discovered so he could play for a while and then we finished walking home.  Once home, we had a nice relaxing evening and after Robert was in bed, I crocheted for a while.

Today’s high:  91
Current:  81


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