Installation Retirement Ceremony and Legion Installation Dinner

Yesterday was an EARLY morning with formation at 0600 for a sequence rehearsal for the Installation Retirement Ceremony (IRC).  I was the Drum Major for the ceremony.  It went really well, and the band did really good with only an hour of marching band practice since before leave.  Once we got back to the band hall, I did some admin work and got a couple of spreadsheets updated.  Then we had a release formation at 1000, but I didn’t end up leaving until a little after 1100.  SFC AK and I discussed some Soldier stuff.  She’s going to be the new MPT B (small ceremonial band, and Brass Band comes from there also) Leader, and I’ll be the Assistant Team Leader.  The former MPT B Leader is moving to MPT E (Brass Quintet) and since he’s a trombone player, I won’t be in BQ anymore.  I’m a little sad about that, but I know I’ll enjoy playing in Brass Band and it will be good for me as a musician to have some variety.    AK is also going to be in charge of Admin, but she’s never worked admin before, so I’ll be completely training her.  

Once I got home, I took some Benydryl as I was MISERABLE – couldn’t stop sneezing and blowing my nose – and I ended up napping for almost 4 hours.  We went to Chili’s for dinner and then home for a little bit of stitching before going back to bed.  And, yes, I slept despite the nap.

Today I was feeling a little better, but still stuffed up some and sneezing.  I slept until about 9.  Ryan was already at the Legion helping with breakfast.  Robert and I had cereal for breakfast and then he played Wii and I checked e-mail and stuff on my computer.  I did some laundry today, and I got 3 hours of stitching in.  This evening was the Legion’s New Officer Installation Ceremony and Dinner.  Ryan was installed as the Historian.  It was a nice ceremony, and short, and the meal was really good, too, other than that they ran out of mashed potatoes.  The Jazz Combo from the band provided entertainment for the event, and that was really nice.  I could have stayed and listened to them all night, but I needed to get Robert home to bed.  He was very well-behaved, and I wanted to get him home before he started getting fussy.

I’m heading to bed now and hopefully I can get up early and go run before church since I couldn’t go this morning with Ryan at the Legion.

Today’s high:  75
Current:  71

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