And another week begins

I dropped Robert off at Child Time on my way to formation.  After formation, I headed to my office and got a ton of admin work done today again.  Of course, it was a typical Monday and I kept hearing "Sergeant Yearicks, I need. . . . .  Sergeant Yearicks can you. . . ."  I stitched for a while at lunch and then more admin stuff after lunch.  Near the end of the day, I called USAA and did an Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan (IRRRL) on my mortgage on our house in New York.  I’m going from 6.625% interest down to 4.75% interest and lowering my monthly payments by over $100 a month!  That sure will help out with making the income from the rent cover the mortgage payment, and now there will be enough extra that will cover the monthly driveway maintenance payment as well!  And it only took a 40 minute phone call.  I’ll get the paperwork in the mail in a few days and sign everything and send it back. 

Then I headed home and they sky just opened up.  It POURED.  I picked Robert up from Child Time, and when we got home, the edges of our street were flooded and I let Robert take off his socks and shoes and play in the water.  He had a great time – in some places the water was over his calves.  Ryan got home from class and continued to watch Robert play and I made tacos for a quick dinner.  After we ate, we headed to the sports complex for the first night of soccer "camp" for Robert.  He’s in a group with 4-8 year olds, but they pulled the 4-5 year olds to one area and the older kids to another.  My former commander’s daughter is in the group, too, so we spent the hour chatting with her husband and then her as well when she got there later.  She and I are going to run laps around the fields tomorrow evening.  Robert had a great time learning how to dribble and other things, despite the light rain the whole time.

Today’s high:  82
Current:  71 (and still raining)

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