My first poker run!!

Yesterday was the American Legion Riders Post 52 6th Anniversary celebration.  Ryan was gone to the Legion early to help get things set up and he was in charge of the bike show.  About 0815 I dropped Robert off at K’s and then headed to the Legion – on the Harley!!  Ryan took the van as he had a bunch of stuff to bring.  I got registered for the poker run, got patches sewn on my vest, got vest extenders for my vest, and met up with the group I’d be riding with.  This was my first solo ride (other than my short 13 miles on Friday evening) and I was glad to be with a small group.  There were 6 bikes and 7 riders.  We had 5 stops along the around 100 mile ride, and at each stop we got a bead which was put on a big safety pin that we had gotten at registration.  We stopped at a Shell gas station at Mustang Corners, Big Nose Kate’s Saloon in Tombstone, St. Elmo’s bar in Bisbee,  Nick’s Place in Hereford, and the VFW back in Sierra Vista.  It was a really good ride, and I had a lot of fun.  Everyone in the group I was with said I did a really good job.  After we got back to the Legion, I got keys from Ryan and headed home to get the passenger pegs for the bike (Ryan had taken them off because they were getting in my way as they don’t stay up like they should).

Then it was back to the Legion and I got the bike entered in the bike show and turned my beads in for my poker hand.  I drew 6 cards and got to pick 5 to keep.  I was one diamond away from a flush, but I ended up with nothing.  And not even good enough for low hand.  Then I signed Ryan and I up for the bike games.  Those were a lot of fun.  I didn’t do Ride the Plank, where you have to keep your tires on a 1 inch wide "plank" (a board that wasn’t but 1/2 inch off the ground).  The person that went the farthest won.  I did pretty well on the Slow Race, and actually won my first loser’s bracket heat!  Whoever drove the slowest down the course won, and if you went out of the lane or put your foot down, you were done.  Then there was the Cone Weave, where you had to weave in and out through six cones on the course.  I made it around 3 of them and then I ran over the next one.  LOL  There were two events that required a passenger – Bite the Weenie, where the passenger had to bite a hot dog stuck on a fork as the driver drove slowly under it.  I didn’t even get a chance really as Ryan put his foot down about 2 feet from the hot dog and that DQ’d us.  And the other one was where I had to put tennis balls on cones, but Ryan drove too close to the cones and ran it over.  Can’t put a tennis ball on that if it’s under the bike.  But the games were still a lot of fun and good practice for me.  And I was the only female driver that tried them.

They had an auction with all kinds of bike stuff, and I got a pair of Harley Davidson riding boots for Ryan for $45.  That was a SUPER good deal on them!!  Ryan had been talking about them ever since they had them donated to them for the auction.  All the money raised during the day went to the Legacy Scholarship fund.  After I had won the boots, I took them out to Ryan and helped him finish tallying the results of the bike show judging.  Then we went in for the toasts, awards (bike games, bike show, poker run, and some other presentations), and birthday cake.  After it was done and we had helped clean up and stuff, I took the bike and went and got gas and then Ryan and Robert (K had brought him before the bike games and she stayed to watch them) came home in the van a little later.  We were all exhausted from being outside and in the sun all day, but it was a very good day!!

This morning was church and then lunch and then grocery shopping.  We spent the rest of the day at home and I did laundry, we watched the NASCAR race, and Ryan grilled pork chops for dinner.  I got quite a bit of stitching done as well.

Today’s high:  87
Current:  71

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