Band Change of Command

Today was the Band’s Change of Command ceremony.  My guys came with me when I headed to work for our 0800 formation.  At 0830 the Garrison Commander presented the outgoing band commander with her award.  I read the citation, and boy was I nervous.  Maybe someday I’ll get over that.  Then I "switched hats" and began greeting guests as they arrived and showed the VIPs to their seats.  I was one of the two ushers.  And then the ceremony started and I "switched hats" again and became one of the gift/flower presenters.  I presented the outgoing commander’s husband with a 3 liter bottle of beer (Chief had bought it for him) and a small bouquet of flowers for her daughter.  Then the other usher/gift presenter presented flowers to the wife of the incoming commander.  After the ceremony was done, there were some light refreshments and then we got everything cleaned up – canopy, chairs, lectern, etc.  And then that was it for the day.  We headed home and Ryan took a nap and I took a shower.  Then we headed to Tucson to do a little bit of shopping before going to Red Robin for Ryan’s birthday dinner.  His burger was free!  The food was very good as always.  I got quite a bit of stitching done on the drive there and back.  Then when we got home, I got changed and went out on a bike ride.  I went about 13 miles – my longest solo ride so far.  I would have gone a little more, but it was getting dark and I don’t have clear lenses – just sunglasses.  

Today’s high:  82
Current:  74

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