100% and more admin stuff

This morning after formation, we had a 100% urinalysis.  I was able to make my contribution early on so I didn’t have to sit around all morning.  At 10, we had a key leader walk-through for Friday’s change of command ceremony.  I’m one of the ushers, so my being there didn’t really amount to much being learned.  Then I took our two newest Soldiers to be arrived and get their in processing papers.  And that took me to lunch.  I ate my lunch, played on the computer, and stitched for a while.  After lunch, I got our databases updated and had another productive day.  And then I headed to the pool to swim some laps.  But they only had TWO lanes open for lap swimming and there were a TON of people in there.  So no swimming for me today.  I headed home, picking Robert up on my way home.  Once Ryan got home from school, we went to Denny’s for supper again.  And then home to relax for the evening.  I crocheted on a baby blanket for a while.

Today’s high:  93
Current:  83

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