Thunderstorms and an afternoon run

I slept until 1000 this morning after not sleeping very well at all last night.  I made Robert some pancakes for breakfast – Ryan was already out on a bike ride with the ALR.  Robert and I had a nice relaxing morning.  Ryan got home shortly after 1230 or so and a little while after that, Mr. Hamster came to visit.  One of my Soldiers is going on leave on Monday (he was the duty bugler during block leave) and he needed someone to hamster-sit their hamster and I said that we’d do it.  So he brought Mr. Hamster over and gave us a quick how-to-care-for-hamsters class.  Mr. Hamster is staying in the guest bedroom.  Robert is excited about it.

Then then thunderstorm came.  And what an awesome storm it was!!   With the lightning still gently flashing in the distance, I was lacing up my running shoes. The temperature dropped from about 93 degrees to a very nice (but humid) 70 degrees after the thunderstorm that rolled through here. I had an awesome (and fast for me!!!) afternoon 3.09 mile run around my neighborhood. The breeze was nice even though I had to run into it a couple of times. Of course, then there was the puddle that got me the SECOND time I went by it. And it was big. Thank goodness for my moisture wicking socks.  My run took me 32:23, a 10:29 pace!!  It felt awesome!!

After a shower, we went to McDonald’s for supper.  Once back home, we watched some cartoons and I got my stitching out.  We had another thunderstorm roll through and there were some spectacular lightning displays again.  After Robert was in bed, I stitched some more.

Today’s high:  93
Current:  72

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