We won’t be seeing that doctor again

I finally slept REALLY good last night!!  I didn’t hear my alarm go off to go run and I didn’t hear Ryan’s alarm go off.  He headed to Tucson for an appointment at the VA and I got Robert up and ready and we headed to post for his 6 year well-child visit/follow up for his tonsillectomy.  The appointment was scheduled for 1010 and we were there the requisite 20 minutes early.  We finally got called by the nurse about 1030 and she was really nice!  Robert was more than happy to cooperate with her with height (3′ 9"), weight (47 pounds), blood pressure, temp., etc.  Then he got to play with the toys in the room and she asked me all the rest of the questions.  And then she left and we waited and waited and waited and waited.  The doctor finally comes charging in about 1115 and in a very loud voice "I had to hospitalize a patient and that’s why I’m running so late. Sorry."  No Hey how’s it going?  Hey little guy!  I’m Dr. so-and-so.  NOTHING like that.  He did NOTHING to put Robert at ease, nothing that indicated he was child friendly.  And then Robert started crying (I don’t blame him – this guy was scary).  "Why are you crying?  There’s nothing to cry about."  HELLO??????  You’re scaring the crap out of my kid.  We did manage to get through the appointment, but we certainly won’t be seeing that doctor again.  I’ll be going to talk to Tricare next week and changing Robert’s Primary Care Manager, because the guy we saw today will not be it.

Once we were done at the doctor’s, we went to the PX and I got Robert a new Lego kit and a few other things we needed.  Oh, before that, we got lunch at Burger King.  Robert ate most of his cheeseburger, some fries, and his strawberry shake.  I think he’s feeling better.  LOL  Once we were home from the PX, Robert cleaned his room for a little while and then he started working on his new Lego kit.  A couple of people from the University of Arizona who are doing a study on young children, healthcare/education/community needs, etc. came and did their first follow-up on us.  Our first interview with them was in January.  They were here for about an hour asking questions, following up on stuff from the first interview, etc.  As a thank you to us, they gave me a couple of educational toys for Robert – a floor puzzle with numbers 1-20 on one side, and then the same pictures on the other side, but it can be colored in by the child, and some farm animal puppets.  He loved them, and had already put the puzzle together before they left.  

After Ryan got home, Robert helped me make mac & cheese for dinner, and then after we ate, Ryan went to the garage and put air in Robert’s bike tires and got my mini bike pump installed on my bike and Robert and I went for a .94 mile bike ride – we went around the block twice.  He sure likes riding his bike, and I do too.  He did a little more cleaning up of toys before bed, and after he was in bed, I stitched for a while.

Today’s high:  91
Current:  82