Home Sweet Home!!

Robert slept most of the time from about 6 or so last evening until around 8 this morning.  Of course, there were a few wake-ups during the night for nurse checks, diaper changes, etc.  I slept in the reclining chair until about 2:30 or so and then Ryan and I switched and he got that chair and I had the straight-backed one.  We made do.  Several doctors checked Robert during the morning.  For breakfast he ate a banana, some grape juice, and some milk.  And then came lunch.  He had a grilled chicken breast (yeah, so much for the liquids. . .), some mashed taters, some mashed squash (eeeeewww), 2 things of apple juice left from breakfast, and half a glass of lemonade.  I think he might have been a little hungry.  LOL  By early afternoon, we were told we’d be going home today!!  The discharge paperwork and stuff took a little while, but by 4:30, we were on our way!  Robert and I got a wheelchair ride to the parking lot – I thought it would be fun for him, but he would only do it if he got to sit on my lap.  So away we went with the nurse pushing us.  She didn’t mind.  We stopped at Toys R Us for a new toy for Robert, as promised to him for being good at the CT scan, cooperating with the doctors, etc.  Then we stopped in Benson for dinner, at a place called Gracie’s Place.  It was really good food!  And then we got home.  It was nice to be back home.  I headed out to the grocery store to get some yogurt, popsicles, applesauce, bananas, and other soft stuff for Robert.  Then we watched some Disney Channel before Robert headed to bed, and I’m about to go to bed as well.

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