Tucson Medical Center

Yesterday we were greeters at church, and that was kind of fun saying Good Morning to everyone.  The service was nice.  Robert and I walked home as Ryan left a little early to go caving with some of the members of the caving club.  Robert’s mouth, throat, and ear were hurting so bad he was crying.  When we got home, I gave him a dose of children’s tylenol and got him up in his bed.  He fussed for a few minutes, but then he was OUT and he slept for over 3 hours before I woke him up.  We baked some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but by the time Ryan got home, his gland on the left side was REALLY swollen and we decided to take him to the local ER.  They did a strep test which came back positive, and also positive for mono.  And because the gland was swollen so much, they sent him for a CT scan and from that it was determined that he had a peritonsillar abscess and that’s not good.  Because Sierra Vista doesn’t have a very large hospital, they transferred him to the Tucson Medical Centerto their Pediatrics section.  I rode with him in the ambulance, and Ryan came a little bit later in the van – he stopped at home first to change out of his caving clothes and get something to eat.  We got settled in here and Robert finally fell asleep about 0300.  I slept off and on and Ryan slept really good.

This morning we just watched cartoons after we got moved into a private room – since he needs to be in isolation because of the strep – and I stitched for a while.  Ryan and I ate in shifts at the hospital’s cafeteria.  The food’s not too bad.  About 11 or so we saw the ENT and he said that he would like to take Robert’s tonsils out and we agreed.  The surgery was scheduled for about 1530, which gave me just enough time to drive home to Sierra Vista to get some toiletries, changes of clothes for me and Ryan, Ryan’s meds, and my laptop since the hospital has wireless internet.  I got back to the hospital and Robert was in the ambulatory surgery area already, but just in a waiting stage, so I was able to be there with him, along with Ryan, before he went into the O.R.  He started crying when we were talking about him going to sleep – he didn’t want to go to sleep.  But then the doctor gave him the "happy drugs" and after a few seconds, the crying stopped and he got sleepy.  And silly.  We had a little fun before they took him to the O.R.  The surgeon came out about 45 minutes later and told us that everything had gone really well, and he had taken out both tonsils AND adenoids since they were pretty big.  About 15 minutes later the nurses came and brought us to the recovery room so we’d be there when he woke up.

Once he woke up a little, the nurses "drove" his bed back to his room and got everything all situated in here again.  Robert had some water and a popsicle and we watched some more cartoons.  Then he started crying a little because he said it felt like there was something stuck in his throat.  Ryan went to get some dinner and I called Mom & Dad to give them an update.  During this, Robert was crying one minute and then sound asleep the next.  His pain meds must have kicked in.  After the call to Mom & Dad, I called Rick to update him as well.  Once Ryan got back from eating, I headed to the cafeteria.  Robert’s still sleeping now, and hopefully Ryan and I will get some sleep as well.

2 thoughts on “Tucson Medical Center

  1. Oh my!

    Hope he feels better soon. HUGS to you Lani & Ryan. Robert is so brave to go thru this. HUGS to Robert. HUGS, Dawn

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