Steelhead Triathlon

This morning I was up and out of the house about 0445 and headed to post to get checked in, markings done (my race number on my right arm and my age on my right calf), and my bike and transition area set up.  The event started with the National Anthem just before 0600 and then heat 1 was off and swimming.  I was in heat 1.  The girl I was sharing the lane with was really nice and had just recently completed the Half Ironman in Hawaii!  I thought she had only lapped me twice, so when she got out of the pool, I thought I only had 100 yards to go.  Nope.  I had 200 to go, but it was all good.  My swim time was 16:05 – and I was very surprised at that since my practice 800 the other day was over 18 minutes.  Well, it turns out that the pool that I was training in is in meters and the pool the event was in was in yards.  LOL

Then it was off for Transition 1 (T1).  I got stuck getting my bike shorts on a little bit, but otherwise not bad.  T1 time was 5:10 and then I was off on the bike course.  It took me a little while to get a comfy seat on my bike, but I settled in.  I need to train on hills more – they about kicked my butt.  And there was one point where it was just a gradual uphill for 2 miles and I thought that I would go down one more gear.  I looked down, and I was out of gears.  Ack!  But I made it, and once I got to the turn-around point, it was all downhill for the next 2 1/2 miles or so.  Then there were a few rolling hills, but I made it back.  The bike course was a little long at 12.13 miles (not too much more than the 12 it was supposed to be) and I completed it in 56:07.  It was nice not having to stop and wait for traffic and stuff.

T2 was just a matter of pulling my bike shorts off, getting my running skirt on (with my number already pinned to the front of it), and of course parking my bike and taking my helmet off.  T2 only took 2 minutes and then I was out on the run course.  It was supposed to be a 5K, but it was a little short at 2.81 miles.  My legs actually cooperated coming off the bike, so that was nice.  I did have to walk a little bit with a couple of the hills, but it wasn’t too bad.  I finished the run in 30:49.

My total time was 1:50:20 and I was really happy with that.  My goal had been 2 hours and I beat it by 10 minutes!!  My friends D & S J were also there – they both finished before me, but they’ve done a few tris before.   It was nice having people that I knew there.  Overall my first triathlon was an awesome experience and I am definitely looking forward to doing more of them – my second one is only 6 weeks away!  I’ll train a little better for it – hills, more swimming, more running, more biking – and maybe I can take some time off.

After I got home, I got a much-needed shower to get rid of the chlorine, sweat, sunscreen, and dust.  Then we went to lunch at the Chinese Buffet place and after we got back home, Robert went to his room for quiet/nap time and I got some Crunchy Cracked Wheat bread going in the bread maker.  Once that was going, I went and took a nap as well.  Between not sleeping well at all last night, getting up super early, and the race, I was wiped out.  After my nap, I got meatloaf in the oven for dinner.  That was good.  And then it was an evening of relaxing and stitching and we watched the NASCAR race.

Today’s high:  93
Current:  74


2 thoughts on “Steelhead Triathlon

  1. Congrats on the tri! You should invest in some tri shorts that you can wear on the swim; that way you don’t have to mess with pulling them on during the first transition.
    What are the distances in your second one?

    • My second one is pretty much the same – 800 yard swim, 13 mile bike, and 5K run. I do need something. But if I make sure I get my foot IN the leg hole, things will work much better. LOL

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