Mommy/Son week begins

Robert came to work with me this morning – for the little bit that I had to be there.  We had accountability formation for those of us not taking leave and then I did some admin work and got things taken care of that needed to be done.  Robert and I left before 1100 and stopped at the PX, Post Office, and dry cleaners on our way home.  After a little while of hanging out at home, I got the cats rounded up and in their carriers and we headed to the vet with them.  Both girls did really well.  Callie just got a couple of shots to keep her up-to-date.  Shadow got her shots and had some blood drawn that will be sent to a lab and I also had to bring a fecal sample back.  They’re going to do some tests to see if they can figure out why she throws up so much, and not hair balls.  We should have the results in a few days.  Ryan was home from his class when we got home – they got out early today as there was no water and it’s kind of hard to clean up from clay with no water.  We played on our computers for a little while before heading to Target for a few things and then to Chili’s for dinner.  Then we went to Big 5 Sporting Goods and I got my new swimsuit – the old one is getting kind of see-through.  Once home, Ryan and Robert started painting the little train kit we got at Michaels yesterday.  I happened to see Shadow coming out of the bathroom so I was able to get the sample I needed for the vet and I brought that back to them – they’re open until 9.  Then I just checked e-mail and did other stuff on my computer.  I had crocheted earlier in the day and was just too tired to do any more.

Today’s high:  95
Current:  81

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