Happy Birthday USA!!!!

This has been an awesome weekend!!  I started yesterday morning with a 5.18 mile run with K & B.  It took us 1:01:41 and was a great way to start the day and the weekend!!  After my run, I went to the Legion for breakfast where the guys were working, and then it was home and I got the beds stripped, towels in the washer, and eventually sheets, too.  After a relaxing afternoon of some crocheting, we headed to Benson for supper at A & W and then to their fireworks.  They were really really good.  An 8-year-old girl sang the National Anthem beautifully to start it off and then about 35 minutes of fireworks.  We stopped for ice cream on our way home.

This morning Ryan was gone early to do a parade in Bisbee with the 40 & 8 and I had planned on going to early church.  But Robert didn’t even stir when I tried to wake him up, so I decided to let him sleep.  I probably could have gone back to bed, but I didn’t.  Around 1100, Robert and I headed to the park for a ceremony (and our governor was the guest speaker!!), Salute to the Nation, and a concert by the Sierra Vista Community Band.  Then they had demonstrations by the local gymnastics studio and Ryan joined us after he got back from the parade.  We had sno-cones before heading home.  Oh, Robert and I walked to the park a mile and a half so that we didn’t have to fight parking.  Robert did very well with all that walking.  We chilled out at home for a while and then in the early evening we headed to the sports complex for a concert by the Higher Ground Brass Band (brass band from the 36th Army Band) and fireworks.  These were not just any old fireworks.  Sierra Vista’s fireworks is the largest in our county and like one of the top 5 largest in the state!!  45 minutes of AWESOME-ness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Our "normal" fireworks were like the finales at some places I’ve seen.  And then there was the finale!!!!  WOW!!!!  I took some videos of them, and I’ll get them posted this coming week.

We are all going to sleep good tonight after so much walking today – we walked to the fireworks, a little over a mile each way.

Today’s high:  91
Current:  76

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