Long Beach, California

This morning my guys drove me to work so they could have the van for the next few days.  The Brass Quintet left out for Tucson where we flew out of to go to Los Angeles.  I don’t think I’ll ever come here just to come here.  The traffic – UGH!!  6 lanes going in one direction on the freeway and everyone just GOES.  No thanks.  We are staying at The Westin – Long Beach and OH MY is it a NICE hotel.  Ok, nice isn’t even a good word to describe it.  It’s AMAZING!!!  I’m on the 9th floor and have a king sized bed all to myself.  I’ve taken a few pics so far – now to get them uploaded sometime.  After we had gotten checked in, we went and walked around for a little while and went to get a late lunch at a place that had the best burgers ever.  I had one with mushrooms and swiss on it and YUMMMMMM!!  Then the Operations guys went back to the hotel to drive to the ceremony site so they knew how long it would take and how to get there, etc.  The rest of us walked around for a while and I got to see the Pacific Ocean!  Rainbow Harbor is really cool, and I got a picture of the Queen Mary.  WOW!!!!  Then it was back to the hotel for a while and I finally got caught up on e-mail and stuff.  Then we went for dinner, but I was still full from lunch so I just had a cup of soup and water.  I’m about to head to bed now.


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