Another (not quite so) long day

I walked Robert to school this morning before heading to work.  After formation, we had a meeting with all the females to talk about stuff pertaining to female Soldiers.  Then we had Brass Quintet rehearsal until it was time to leave for the farewell luncheon.  Rehearsal went really well.  The luncheon was at Golden Corral and was pretty sad.  We said farewell to SH and JR.  S was the BQ group leader and he’s really taught me more about being a great NCO and how to take care of Soldiers.  He’s also a really good friend, and I’ll certainly miss him.  But I know that I’ll see him again someday.  After lunch we had weapons training at the Engagement Skills Trainer (EST).  That went well, and then it was back to the band hall for more BQ rehearsal.  Once rehearsal was done, we got our vehicle inspections done, and then I took care of admin stuff that needed to be done.  I was at work until a little after 5 and then I headed home.

Ryan got home from picking Robert up just after I did, and I got changed and then we headed back to post.  DW had asked if we would babysit their 2 boys and a boy and a girl of a friend of theirs, so we decided to bring Robert and have lots of kids to watch.  We got there and Robert started playing with their older son C right away.  But then their friend called and plans had changed and they would be able to watch all the kids, so we were relieved of our babysitting duties.  Robert was kind of sad he had to leave, but I let him pick where to go eat dinner.  He chose Buffalo Wild Wings, so that’s where we went.  After dinner we headed home and I got packed for my trip to California and after Robert was in bed, I stitched for a little bit.

Today’s high:  91
Current:  80

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