Two Ceremonies

This morning was a very EARLY morning.  K picked me up at 0530 and we headed to post.  We went early so we could get a parking spot – formation wasn’t until 0630.  The band got warmed up and I got my Drum Major stuff on.  We played for a Relinquishment of Command Ceremony – it’s kind of like a Change of Command, but the incoming officer isn’t there yet.  It was a VERY LONG ceremony.  I think it was the longest Sound Off I’ve ever done, or at least close to it.  We went through the march Bravura almost 3 times during the Sound Off.  And the Pass in Review took almost 15 minutes with all the troops on the field.  At least there were only 2 speeches during the ceremony, so that was good.  After that ceremony was done, BQ had about 10 minutes to get water and then we had our usual pre-gig focus rehearsal.  We didn’t play a whole lot since the guys had already done tons of playing during the first ceremony.  Then we headed off to where our gig was – at least it was indoors after being in the sun and heat for over an hour and a half already that morning.  That gig went well as well, and we all got coins from the new Post Command Sergeant Major.

Then it was back to the band hall and we were done for the day!!  I did a little bit of admin work and checked e-mail and stuff while waiting for Ryan to come pick me up on the Harley.  K had been snagged to play trumpet with the small ceremonial band for their second gig of the day so I was without a ride home.  After Ryan picked me up, we went to Subway for lunch and then it was home.  I took a shower and then a nap.  Then I went and got Robert from Child Time and Ryan headed to Tombstone for his monthly 40 & 8 meeting.  Robert and I had mac & cheese for supper.  After he was in bed, I stitched for a little bit.

Today’s high:  96
Current:  81

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